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Bell's Palsy treatment


Bell's Palsi treatment?

In over 80 percent of cases, Bell’s palsy disappears on its own. This recovery process typically begins within three weeks of the disease’s onset and is complete after two to three months. While symptoms improve, a small amount of subtle facial paralysis or movement irregularity may remain. In less than 20 percent of cases, symptoms of Bell’s palsy do not get better.

Your ophthalmologist (Eye M.d.) may have you use eye lubricants or eyedrops to prevent complications.  Be sure that you carefully follow your doctor’s instructions about eyedrops or other treatments.  This is important because when your eyelid cannot close properly, your eye becomes vulnerable to irritation, dryness, and other problems.

In some cases, your ophthalmologist (perhaps in collaboration with your primary care physician or internist) may prescribe drugs called corticosteroids or antivirals to assist the healing process.

The palsy usually recovers without special treatment but it is worthwhile seeing your doctor as soon as possible because some cases, due to herpes virus, benefit from anti-viral medication.

Oral steroid treatment

The use of “cortisone” treatment for Bell’s palsy is controversial but there is some evidence that starting this treatment within the first three days of outset of the palsy may help.

Care of the eye

If your eye cannot close fully, it is important to protect it from injury such as dust and grit during windy conditions by wearing goggles or a patch. An adhesive patch or tape over the eye will protect it during sleep. The eye should not be allowed to dry and artificial tears are usually prescribed for dryness and at bed-time. Antibacterial eye ointment may be used if the blinking reflex is absent. Report any unusual pain in your eye immediately.

Massage and exercises

Although not fully proven, massaging and exercising the facial muscles may help recovery. Using oil or cream, massage the muscles of the forehead, cheek, eyes and lips. Exercise these muscles in front of a mirror by screwing up the eyes tightly to close them, smiling widely, barring the teeth and winking.

Heat treatment

If you have pain in the face, apply heat three times a day to the painful area. Wring out a face washer after soaking it in very hot water and apply for 10 minutes. Make sure your eye is closed or covered.

General care

Continue normal activities of daily living, but choose a good lifestyle by getting plenty of rest and sleep, and avoiding smoking and excess alcohol. Look after your teeth — brush and floss them more often than usual.

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