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Nature Aid Against Diabetes

When the Monster called Type-2 Diabetes has already got one in itís grasp; often, natural cures act better than most drugs and pills. They can effectively and naturally help reduce blood-glucose levels and monitor insulin sensitivity. However, natural remedies available for Type-2 Diabetes arenít effective for Type-1 Diabetes, because they canít produce insulin at all.

There are many natural remedies for Type-2 Diabetes, some scientifically proven effective and some utter quack! Careful selection of alternative medication is as absolutely necessary as understanding itís functions.

The first magical herb for Type-2 Diabetics is Ginseng. Ginseng has many varieties according to where it is growing; but for Diabetes, the North American variety (Panax quinquefolius) is best effective. North American Ginseng acts in regulating blood-glucose levels by working on glycosylated hemogobin which are blood cells that monitor blood-glucose levels. In conducted studies, Ginseng dosages have considerably lowered blood-glucose levels, revitalized general and mental health and shown improvement on new non-insulin using Type-2 Diabetics. They have also shown consistent improvements in their HbA1C tests.

Chromium is a metal present in the human body in traces. It helps carbohydrate and fat metabolism and increasing insulin sensitivity. Also, Chromium deficiencies have been found in Type-2 Diabetics to indicate some relativity to itís functions in patients. The information available however, isnít conclusive. Sulfonylurea was used with a placebo against 1000 mcg of Chromium with good results relative to insulin sensitivity and body weight regulations. However, no conclusive result could be drawn on tests conducted on insulin users using a placebo and Chromium on body-mass-index, blood pressure or insulin sensitivity.

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Magnesium is another mineral commonly present in leafy vegetables, nuts and whole grains that has shown efficacious positive results on Type-2 Diabetics. Since Magnesium is necessary for more than 300 biochemical reactions and muscle and nerve functions; itís positive effects on a Diabetic are obvious. With regulated heart control, blood-pressure regulations and immunological effects, Magnesium dosages have shown consistent improvement in the blood-glucose control of test Diabetics with Type-2 Diabetes. Being naturally present in foods inclusive in a healthy diet, Magnesium is also a natural part of the plan of a Diabeticís road to health and well-being without going through weight loss surgery.

Zinc is another metal that has convincing results on Type-2 Diabetics because it helps in storage of and retaining of insulin in the blood. Fresh oysters, chicken, ginger root, pecan, split peas, lima beans, walnuts, almonds and sardines are some important sources of Zinc.

Cinnamon is another very good natural remedy to use against Type-2 Diabetes. In tests, Cinnamon has shown statistically significant evidence of helping control fasting blood-glucose levels, triglycerides and total cholesterol. However, there was no noted change in lipid profiles or glycosylated hemoglobin. As a part of oral combination therapy, however, Cinnamon has a noted beneficial function.

Aloe Vera Gels, commonly used in curing cuts and for skin health has shown some effects in regulation of blood-glucose levels. Recent studies in Japan has shown how active phytosterol compounds in Aloe Vera Gels act on glycosylated hemoglobin levels. However, all the tests happen to be yet on animals; human testing is still to be conducted on this issue.

Natural Remedies, on the whole, can be used parallel to drugs and insulin for steady maintenance of mental and physical health of a Type-2 Diabetic. It may not be effective in a natural way to provide complete medical support or replace drugs with a natural remedy, but it can help considerably to reduce drug dependency when Natural remedies are resorted to when possible. Often, the harmful side-effects of the drug itself can be countered by such Natural Remedies.

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